Biomedical, anatomical, technical and surgical illustration

If you need to:

  • publish in a magazine or a scientific journal (web or print)
  • promote your lab or a new exciting project
  • explain your project or research data to prospect partners, investors or users
  • prepare an effective conference presentation deck for various audiences: students or peers
  • visualize a medical device
  • visualize a concept, process or an abstract theory
  • distill large amounts of scientific or health data in to a neat graphic

I will create beautiful illustrations to support your project. Whether you need a simple yet effective graphic for a publication or a 3-dimensional stunning editorial image, you can rely on my illustration skills and experience.

  illustration, 2D, 3D, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Maya, molecular, data vis, editorial, medical device

 My process: from first ideas, to sketching, and to final render
sketch_about A typical proposal for illustration. I usually create 2-3 sketches of different designs, for client to choose from. Diagram A portrays a more standart layout, and diagram B has a different horizontal layout flow.

Patient education materials

I create informational, educational or promotional materials for web and print including interractive websites, brochures, infographic, info sheets and surveys. I work with pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, non-for-profit and government organizations. Some of the examples of the work I do include:

  • a brochure that explains a new drug to the patient, its mechanism of action, method of delivery, and possible adverse events
  • a website dedicated to important pregnancy facts and early childhoood development
  • infographics about diabetes prevention and management
  • rare genetic condition fact-sheet

  patient education, health information, brochures, info-graphics 

 My process: from first ideas, to sketching, and to final render

I create sketches for every illustration, so that you have a chance to visualize the finished product before it is rendered. You can use the sketch to communicate any changes you would like to be made.

In this sample you can see how the client asked to add a screen to the top right corner to show the screen data.

A - sketch with suggested changes marked in red.
B - final rendering


Explainer and educational videos: storyboarding and animation

Animation is the most engaging and efficient method of visual communication. Explanatory video is used to promote an idea or a thing by providing examples and leading the audience through a step by step guide. If you want to explain your company's product or service to your potential client or launch a new initiative with an inspiring promotional video, look no further! You will be impressed by the quality of your video. I create engaging and visually appealing animations that can be both used for internal and public company communications.

  animation, video, motion graphics, Adobe After Effects, explainer, educational


Web- and graphic design

Do you need a tastefully designed responsive website, viewed equally well on desktop and hand-held devices? Thinking of promoting your lab, department or project? Online presence is important, and the way your research is communicated to the public and prospect partners is crucial. I create custom websites with beautiful graphic elements, using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

  HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, website, online, graphic, design



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